A One-Stop Energy Consultancy Service in all aspects of energy infrastructure, power converters, transformers, reactors, systems*:

  • Planning, feasibility analysis, risk management, budgeting

  • Design, application, test plan, advisory council

  • Quality, safety, temperature rise, cooling

  • Efficiency, performance, efficacy

  • Maintenance, preventative & corrective actions

* Backed by decades of direct experience, we customize the most advantageous solution with minimum overhead under tight budget and schedule. Our clients' gain is multiplied by the savings in manpower, cost of the initial investment and long term cost of ownership (TCO).

  • New Design of Custom Transformers and Reactors under critical or challenging requirements

  • Cost Reduction, Quality Improvement or Efficiency Enhancement of Existing Transformer Installations

  • Failure Mode and Forensic Investigation followed by Corrective Action Proposal

  • Power Quality Assessment and Design and Procurement of Harmonic Filters


Help our clients maximize the return on investment in their power conversion equipment by eliminating failure root causes, improving design performance and achieving long product life under optimized cost. 

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