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* Abe received his Ph.D. degree from University of Toronto in 1983 specializing in Power Systems and Power Electronics. Abe's experience has spanned from micro-sized electronic control to customized transformers and reactors with patents in variable speed AC drive, smart utility metering, instrumentation and gas turbine ignition. In his current role, he specializes in fully customized power conversion equipment, transformers, reactors, harmonic filters, rectiformers and cooling systems. 

Abe's passion for contributing to transformer industry started while working as the CTO at a Swiss-American transformer company where he witnessed irregularities and inadequacies in the manner such products were designed and tested leading to their premature failure. Abe utilized a unique approach to thermal loss and temperature rise evaluation for improved accuracy and cost optimization in commercial applications. In addition to transformer and reactors, Abe has extensive experience in rectiformer DC supplies, harmonic filtering, industrial cooling systems and has helped his clients in problem solving, cost optimization, design and quality improvement of power conversion equipment while saving between 10% to 30% on the overall cost of the system.