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Gary Davi - Founder & CEO, Inventi™ E-Mail: gary@inventi.us Phone: (949) 892-0447

About Inventi™

Inventi™ was created to carry the Veactor™ from genius invention to marketable technology. To serve up the IP or license to companies and/or government agencies with the foresight, the motivation, and the capability to bring it to market and improve our country's security and our way of life. Richard Dellacona invented the technology. Gary Davi is the driving force behind the marketing and sales of the Veactor™ for Inventi™. We believe in this technology. We believe it will have an important and positive impact on our society. We are actively searching for opportunities to license or sell the technology. Inventi™ is a technology incubator focused on developing innovative solutions to solve energy challenges. The First Solution is the Veactor™

Veactor™ is a new, patented technology that transforms both AC & DC utilizing a dual magnetic path design to deliver only the power required by a device resulting in no excess energy and thus no excess heat.

Perfected energy distribution, transformation, and transmission, the Veactor™ provides these critical functions:

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