R. L. Components™

R.L. Components is a custom manufacturer of electrical components including transformers, reactors, inductors, toroids, chokes, and antennas to meet their customers` specifications for a wide range of industries and applications.

R.L. Components was founded in 1972 in Toronto, Ontario, and is primarily involved in two distinct areas – the high voltage T & D industry as well as custom windings for a variety of other industries including aerospace and medical.

R.L. Components does not compete with the leaders in these industries but rather, serves them. R.L. provides these companies with the opportunity to obtain precisely manufactured components that are cost effective and timely.

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  • R.L. Components can assist in accommodating this excess demand. We offer rush service and can help our customers to shorten lead times thus allowing them to be much more competitive as they go to market – Never turn down a job again!

  • R.L. Components is able to provide an opportunity for customers to save money on both the fixed and variable costs associated with manufacturing these products.

  • Most importantly, customers know they are receiving a finished product that has been manufactured to precise specifications and free of defects.

  • R.L. Components can quickly adapt to changes in demand and is able to provide extremely fast lead times.

  • Customers remain in full control of their design and procedures and R.L. Components will sign non disclosure agreements.

  • R.L. Components procures all required manufacturing materials from either specified suppliers or their own.

  • R.L. Components has established relationships with several magnet wire suppliers and will keep all materials fully stocked.

  • This again allows R.L. Components to provide extremely fast lead times as raw materials are available on same day deliveries, every day.

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