Here are a sample of common testimonials from our clients and the reasons why we could satisfy our clients' needs*:


  • "Our factory's operation was occasionally disrupted due to transformer or reactor failures in the mega-power DC supply that fed our process. Power Magnetronics Solutions™ examined the site and the event history associated with such failures to explore the root causes and proposed a remedial solution in the transformer's design and manufacturing. We have not had any similar failure in those power supplies equipped with the transformers manufactured and installed per Power Magnetronics Solutions™."

  • "We contracted Power Magnetronics Solutions to evaluate the power quality of our facility where we were charged steep utility fees due to our random cycles in high Peak Demand. Power Magnetronics Solutions™ team reviewed our power system, load profile and utility billing to come up with a remedial solution to ease the Peak Demand by designing and (third party) commissioning of an Automated Multi-Stage Harmonic filter. The annual savings in utility bills alone ran up well into six figures capitalizing the cost of this upgrade in less than two years. Also, we avoided the need to upgrading feed transformers and distribution."

  • "Initially, our business unit was overwhelmed to proceed with major capital expenditure in upgrading our facility’s power source. We were happy working with Power Magnetronics Solutions™ team to assist us in evaluating multiple costed design proposals to accommodate our facility’s power needs, budget and logistics. It also helped us save money in overall cost of purchase and commissioning as well as better oversight of the vendors."

  • "We bogged down our internal resources to write up the specifications for the power supply of our new process. We used the older documents as a reference to save time and money. Unfortunately, we spent a lot more time and money than we anticipated. We are now using Power Magnetronics Solutions™ services for ongoing projects to avoid similar problems in future."


* Our Experience

We believe our strength comes from our deep understanding of the design and operational intricacies of the products we support. Our experience spans transformers, reactors, harmonic filters, rectifiers, inverters, control electronics, IGBT, SCR and MOSFET in power conversion and power electronics applications. Our hands-on experience in development of such products from scratch all the way to installation, provides us a vantage point in performance assessment, problem solving, root cause analysis or enhancement of operational performance. Such improvements can result in economic gains for our clients by elimination of failure modes and service calls, reduction in energy usage or improving the size or cost of the given products. Typical issues originate from one or more of factors listed below:


1) Inadequacy in definition of the original product specifications resulting in underestimated product's ratings. This could relate to load harmonics, environmental conditions or overload and abnormal conditions that may occur infrequently.

2) Inadequate protection against external factors such as surges, over/under-voltage conditions or insufficient rating of protection devices or lack of coordination thereof.

3) Marginal design of the product or inadequate manufacturing tests for worst case conditions.

4) Other miscellaneous issues such as part or material quality, poor workmanship, operators' error, poor maintenance, normal wear and tear, poor installation, structural damage, etc.


In achieving a workable resolution in any of the factors noted above, we often rate thermal factor with high significance as it also impacts the reliability and life of the products. In fact, thermal limits are a major factor in the size and cost of transformers, reactors and other power components and usually the economics compel the user and supplier to curtail the safety margins. It is with this background that we pride ourselves in our ability to address thermal and cooling issues with a precision above and beyond common industry practices.


Our innovative approaches and solutions are supplemented by original tools or methodology.